Anne Goodrich


My work gives flesh and form to the living phenomena that I wish to see more clearly.  The cone is my starting point, or "blank page."  Each piece begins with this simple, direct, geometric form.  However, the final incarnation of each is guided by all that is alive.  Images of living things influence how I bend, stretch, coax, and present the clay. I'm particularly fascinated by ordinary things that are simply out of reach or beyond my immediate gaze.  I ponder the organs inside my own body, curious forms swimming deep within the ocean, and microscopic bursts of pollen living in the air. 

My perception of such images seeps into my artwork—it is relayed through the ambiguity of my forms.  These works are not singularly one thing nor the other—not solely sprouting nor decaying, not solely animal, nor vegetable—but many things at once.  I perceive forms to be elusive, and my thoughts on time are similar. With perfect timing, a pear has reached it’s ideal sweetness and texture.  When eaten too soon it is hard and bland,  too late and it becomes mealy and distasteful.  Patience and opportunity must be balanced.  It is difficult to know when a moment is perfectly ripe.  As I make both personal and artistic decisions, I am keenly aware of the window of ripening.


About the Artist

In addition to working as a sculptor of ceramic art, Anne Goodrich is an art teacher in the Beaverton School District.  Both she and her students show regularly and receive awards and recognition for their art works.

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